“Stanley & Williamson has been our accountancy firm for more than 15 years. Throughout this time, we have always found the company to have the highest work ethics with a real interest and understanding of our business needs. They are always willing and on hand to discuss any queries that we have and assist us in finding better ways to manage our business. Advertising is a fluid and ever-changing business and it is crucial to work with a team that is flexible and adaptable to our needs. Whether it is tax, accounting or business advice areas, Stanley & Williamson has always supported us with advice, effort and understanding.”
Caryn Cavanagh
Director, ACMN Advertising Pty Ltd

“I changed accounting firms in 2010 to Stanley & Williamson as our business was becoming more complex and required more accounting expertise, particularly in manufacturing and inventory controls. Stanley & Williamson provide relevant monthly and quarterly financial reports that enable me to easily monitor the business’s performance, whilst highlighting potential risks particularly associated with cash-flow – a problem often faced by rapidly growing manufacturing businesses. The reports provided are of a high standard and are also used for reporting to our bank. Michael Goodrick worked with me to develop meaningful KPI’s which are reviewed every quarter when we meet to discuss the performance of the business with my internal accountant. Explanations of our accounts are provided in easy to understand language and allow me to make well informed decisions to keep Thinking Ergonomix on the right path.”
Dean Kuch
Managing Director, Thinking Ergonomix Pty Ltd

“My business has used Bill Stanley, from Stanley & Williamson, for over 25 years. That is the longest association we have kept with any of our service providers. There is good reason for that. It goes way beyond just the normal Chartered Accountancy services such business structuring, capital gains tax, superannuation, and tax. Rather, Bill has time and again been able to address and solve difficult problems faced by my business in a practical, effective, creative and commonsense manner. I can thank Bill for helping to put my business, and as a result, my family, in a sound and strong position.”
Hugh Stanley
CEO, Equestrian Publishing Pty Ltd

As my business has grown, Michael Goodrick of Stanley & Williamson has been able to help me with all the issues that are relevant to a growing business. This has included tax planning, which is done in a systematized and proactive way, cashflow and financing issues, structuring, especially for new business partners being brought in, right through to all the commercial and tax issues around legal agreements and negotiations with clients and business partners.Guy Leech, Guy Leech Fitness

“Bill Stanley first took Forbes and Ursula Carlile on as clients in 1968, and Stanley and Williamson have been an integral part of Carlile Swimming’s growth ever since. As the business has expanded and become more complex, they have been with us every step of the way, offering a wide variety of services and most of all, their knowledgeable and considered advice. In recent years, we have begun to expand internationally, and their network of contacts has proved invaluable in finding answers and solutions for the complicated situations that have arisen. Stanley and Williamson is so much more than an accounting firm for us, they are our trusted advisers and we consider them significant partners and an essential ingredient in our ongoing success.”
Richard Cahalan
Director, Carlile Swimming

“Over the past seven years our firm has grown nationally and internationally and we’ve been helped every step of the way by S&W. The financial advice we’ve received has been instrumental in that growth with the diverse accounting issues we’ve encountered handled efficiently and to our complete satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending S&W to any company or individual wanting a reliable accounting firm and professional partner.”
Maurie Dobbin
Managing Director, TeleResources Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd

Since first meeting several Directors of Stanley & Williamson in 2009, I have been impressed with the calibre of their personnel and services. They provide not only normal tax compliance services, but also proactive financial advice to their clients. I have referred several of my clients to Stanley & Williamson all of whom have been impressed by the services provided. After initial meetings and retaining them, one of my clients emailed the following comment to me: “The time spent with Michael Goodrick to date has been illuminating and has made me realise the lack of service I was previously getting.””
Michael Ronai, Management Director,
Ronai & Associates, R&D Specialists

“We have been associated with Stanley & Williamson as our chartered accountants for approximately 18 years. During that time we have been more than satisfied with the service provided. Over the years, our company has expanded greatly which has required many hours of Stanley & Williamson’s time and expertise. Stanley and Williamson have always responded to our questions in a timely manner, even the most complex taxation or legislation matters have been dealt with swiftly. Our business constantly presents unusual work for your company and you have always met our expectations.”
Jennifer Taylor
Vivacity Engineering Pty Ltd

“S&W have provided valuable advice alongside traditional accounting services, including audit services, trustee services and superannuation strategy and compliance, introducing seasoned specialists where necessary for more challenging assignments from time to time. I would be confident in recommending Michael Goodrick and his team to any business person seeking an organisation that adapts to the client’s needs and provides sound solutions to a range of accounting and corporate advice issues.”
David Sherbon
Founding Principal, Ascienta Investment Bank

“In 1999, I needed urgent advice on the right structure to establish a consulting business. Without delay, Stanley & Williamson arranged and guided me in all the necessary elements to comply with the law, run the business and manage key financial risks. Their very competent, responsive and professional approach has continued throughout our association since. Most importantly, Stanley & Williamson have proven to be driven by strong values of trustworthiness and integrity and a genuine commitment to their clients.”
Sue Netterfield
Owner, Strategia Consulting Pty Ltd

“I have been a client of Michael Goodrick and Stanley & Williamson since 2011. Michael handles tax planning and preparation of tax, R&D and company returns for Dataweave Pty Ltd, DW People Pty Ltd and my wife and I. Dataweave is an IT software reseller, systems integrator and consulting company working in the Oracle solutions marketplace. DW People is an IT Recruitment company. I would wholeheartedly recommend Michael and his colleague Helen Campbell for proactivity, responsiveness and taking a strategic view to the business.”
Norman Weaver
Managing Director, Dataweave Pty Ltd

“The team at Stanley & Williamson completely smash the mould of the typical accounting firm. They add another dimension to the advice and planning side of our accounting needs, and after four years, my wife and I are still impressed each time we sit down with the team. I would gladly recommend Stanley & Williamson to any business that are looking to have accountants that are more like business advisors and not just tax return processors.”
Matt Fitzpatrick
Director, EmbroidMe

My Business has been operating and competing in the Shipping Container Hire and Sales in Sydney, Central Coast of New South Wales, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for the past 25 years and is in need of efficient and timely advice as it relates to Structure, Tax Minimisation and timely reporting.  I have been dealing with Darren O’Malley and Cameron Grace of Stanley and Williamson both of whom have provided the correct advice thus resulting in my Companies maximising profits.

Due to my satisfaction with the advice given, I subsequently transferred my other businesses accounting requirements to Stanley and Williamson.  These businesses are involved in Customs Clearance Agency and Freight Forwarding as well as a new acquisition in the Container business in Tamworth.

If anyone is contemplating changing their existing Accountants, I would certainly vouch for the quality of work produced by Stanley and Williamson and in particular Darren O’Malley and Cameron Grace.

Peter Bryant, Managing Director
Betta Storage Containers

“Over the years I have happily recommended the S&W team to colleagues as a professional team with a great knowledge of the constantly changing tax and accounting rules. I particularly like the fact that they have always given me sound advice and even on occasions advice I needed to hear in terms of investments and tax treatment. I like to know that the Australian Tax Office is not going to knock on my door because of “fast tax practices” sometimes seen in the accounting industry. Trust is something not easily earned with me in the cut and thrust of today’s business world. I have no hesitation saying the T word in respect to S&W, Bill and Michael, in particular. I would recommend the S&W team to any organisation or individual looking for high quality, professional accounting and tax advisors.”
John Scutt
Managing Director, The Lindfield Partners Pty Limited

We wholeheartedly recommend Stanley & Williamson to anyone who wants a business advisor who will give you the right advice first time, in a timely fashion and in a way that you will understand.Mark Taylor, Director, Taysols Pty Ltd

“Having signed off the tax returns for the most financial year, I thought I should drop Michael Goodrick a line to thank him for the outstanding service the firm has provided my family over several years now. I have been delighted with the quality and timeliness of the work done in connection with the provision of accounting and tax advice, and the preparation of accounts and tax returns for various family member and entities. Just as importantly, I’ve always felt that I’ve been billed a fair amount for the work done.”
Andrew Rothery

“Stanley & Williamson have been our accountants for over 40 years, and two generations. They are an active partner with our personal and business tax affairs. They have always had our best interests in mind, advised us in the best structure, and long term direction.”
Michael White
Private Client Advisory, Bell Potter Securities

“Stanley & Williamson have been helping us since we started the business in 2006. They have helped us structure the business in the most tax-efficient way, advised on key person and buy/sell insurance and been a sounding board for the directors. They are far more than our tax accountant, offering business analysis and development as well as excellent customer service. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Martin Lane
Publishing Director, Focal Attractions Pty Ltd

“What we like is that you have explained complex tax issues in a language that we can understand, and even when the news wasn’t always good for us, you have investigated, researched (and then found) a viable work around that is acceptable to the ATO. We’re really happy to have a strong firm of Accountants like Stanley & Williamson representing us – it’s also great, that you get as excited as we do, seeing our business move forward and grow. We feel like we have another partner in our business – and that’s a great feeling as a client.”
Hamish Macqueen
Managing Director, Cleancorp

“Stanley & Williamson have been our accountancy firm for more than 30 years. During that time we have changed our company name, our type of business and also changed partners. Stanley & Williamson have always asked the right questions and been ready with the appropriate advice, while keeping within the compliance and tax laws. We have also used their expert associates for Superannuation and Estate Planning. Our tax planning sessions in May make it easy to complete our end of year accounts, and advice is readily given throughout the year. We have always found the partners and staff a pleasure to deal with and would recommend Stanley & Williamson to anyone in business or for personal advice.”
John Dunn
Director, Smooth Global Imports Pty Ltd

“During our involvement with Ben and Stanley & Williamson, we have adjusted and finetuned some internal procedures and gained valuable input to move our internal processes to a new level. These changes were recommended and explained in a dialogue and context that could be captured from management to staff and left little room for misinterpretation. While we have only used the auditing services of Stanley & Williamson, I have no hesitation in recommending any of the other accounting services they have on offer due to our experience to date.”
Dean Mullins
General Manager, Phoenix Freight Systems Pty Ltd

“During the past decade Michael and Quang have looked after and kept me well in relation to my various personal and business interests and investments. Their advice is practical and their attitude ‘no nonsense’. Their output has been accurate and timely and I have been very satisfied from a personal perspective. I have also been prepared to recommend Stanley & Williamson to my business clients and have worked closely with Michael, Quang and Darren, on behalf of my clients, to complete business or asset sales and acquisitions, or in advising in relation to business  structures or the day to day affairs of my business clients. The services provided by Stanley & Williamson to my business clients have been well received. I have no qualms in recommending Stanley & Williamson.”
Richard Martyr
Director, LegalAffairs Management

“I have had a number of complex accounting issues all of which have been competently handled by Michael Goodrick. I have also found Michael accurate, reliable and timely in his advice. He is clearly well informed and very service oriented. Due to the demands of my own business, I have little time for my own personal accounting. Michael and his staff understand this and respond accordingly. They are always proactive in meeting my accounting demands.”
Greg Turner
Principal at law firm

I rarely feel compelled to draft thank you notes for services received. However, in this case, I really wanted to express my gratitude for the help you provided (and are providing) with respect to my tax affairs. You and Thanh are excellent. Your knowledge is impressive and your personal skills are great. Feel free to pass on this message to anyone that may be interested in reading it. I highly recommend your firm.Andreas Fung, Director, Autumn 01 Pty Ltd

“We were introduced to Michael Goodrick at Stanley & Williamson in 2006 upon commencing a new business venture. My first impression of S&W was a professional accounting firm that would not be interested in a small engineering business. I was wrong. As time passed I was made to feel comfortable and complicated taxation and financial matters were explained to me in plain English. As each year has passed our business has grown around 15% every year, I believe through good advice and well planned tax systems allowing good cash flow and new equipment purchases. As tax laws are constantly changing we are kept up to date on the best options for our specific needs. In conclusion I would have the confidence to recommend S&W to anyone that requires professional financial advice.”
Andrew Rendell
Director, A1 Metaltech Pty Ltd

“We have always found the firm to be proactive, responsive and well versed in relation to the current regulatory requirements and standards. Our Management and Finance Teams regularly liaise with staff at Stanley & Williamson and always receive unfettered, timely access to specialised firm resources, including Senior Partners. The advice received is always professional, thoroughly researched and considered, whilst delivered in a friendly and genuinely supportive manner, and we have never found reason to question their integrity, nor their actions. We have come to trust their commitment and ethical compass implicitly.”
Simon Robinson
Managing Director, Wise McGrath Pty Ltd


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