More tax savings for small business

From 1 January, 2018 certain types of insurance for small business are no longer liable to stamp duty.

To qualify as a small business, the entity must:

  • Be carrying on a business, and
  • Have aggregated turnover of less than $2 million

The exception will apply to:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance (being motor vehicle insurance for a vehicle used primarily for business purposes).
  • Commercial aviation insurance (being aviation insurance for an aircraft used primarily for business purposes).
  • Occupational indemnity insurance (being liability insurance for the provision of professional services (other than medical indemnity)).
  • Product and public liability insurance (being insurance covering liability for personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with a business or arising out of the products or services of a business).

For a policy to be exempt from stamp duty the insurer must have received a small business declaration before the insurance policy commences or is renewed.

For more information refer to or contact your insurance broker or insurance company.