Issues to consider when setting up a business overseas

Current as of December 2014 If you are looking to expand your business overseas, be sure to read and take into account the issues raised below, as well as considering the questions asked. What are your plans in relation to the expansion? Do you want to search for more talented people, access more cost-effective human resources, or want to tap … Read More

Doing business in Australia

Current as of December 2014 For general information on tax and other regulatory issues facing foreign business looking to trade in Australia, we have prepared a “Doing Business in Australia”.  We hope that it is helpful to you, and would welcome any queries or feedback you may have. Doing Business in Australia – Updated 21 December 2020 DISCLAIMER This newsletter … Read More

Popular press on taxation of multinationals in Australia

Current as of December 2014 Avoidance of Australian tax by multinationals is featuring prominently in newspapers in Australia, with stories of a global tax hunt with tax auditors camped out in the Australian corporate offices of some of the world’s biggest companies. ATO’s global tax hunt: Multinationals under scrutiny for minimisation schemes Joe Hockey eyes Britain’s ‘Google tax’ to boost … Read More