September 2016 Newsletter

          Current as of September 2016   DO YOU HAVE AN UNWANTED FAMILY TRUST? There is more than one reason for winding up a Family Trust. Perhaps the beneficiaries have become old enough to look after their own assets, there may have been a family dispute, or sometimes the Trust simply reaches the end of its … Read More

Do you have an unwanted Family Trust?

Current as of September 2016   A Trust is a relationship where the Trustee holds assets on behalf of beneficiaries. Sometimes the Trustee or the beneficiaries may want this relationship to end. For example, when the assets no longer exist, when the beneficiaries are old enough to look after their own assets, due to a family dispute, ill health, or … Read More

Should your Family Trust have a Corporate Trustee or an Individual Trustee?

Current as of July 2016   Family Trusts can provide significant benefits for asset protection and tax minimisation, and as a result there has been significant growth in the number of Family Trusts. Family Trusts must have a Trustee. But should the Trustee be a company or an individual? This question is important for asset protection and succession planning. Under … Read More

Which structure is best for you? – Partnership of family trusts

Current as of October 2014 In the last of our series on the different structures available to you we look at a combination of 2 structures we have looked at in previous issues. That is, a partnership of Family Trusts. As you will have noted from the discussion on a partnership structure, one of the main downsides of the structure … Read More