What to consider when buying a car?

Current as of 29 April 2021 We are often asked about the best way to structure the purchase of a motor vehicle. The answer will be different for each individual or business, but the issues to be considered when making this decision is the same. To put you in the position to decide on the motor vehicle purchase, below we … Read More

Our February 2015 newsletter

          Current as of February 2015 [vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″] Update on S&W and our clients Time has marched on and we are already almost two months into the new year. Business activity has kicked into action after the normal hiatus from mid-December until early February. We thought we would give you an update on what is happening … Read More

Financial help for businesses

Current of February 2015 Would you like some financial help to improve your business? There are incentives around that can help you develop your business. Please go through the questions below to see if you qualify. Would your business be interested in undertaking an evaluation that aims to identify several key areas for improvement and growth? Would you be interested … Read More

The need for budgets and cashflow forecasting

Current as of December 2014 Businesses start and operate better with well-informed advice. Do you have a live budget and cashflow forecast? Do you know your business’ trading position for the next financial year? Budgets give you accurate, up-to-the-minute financial information you need to make the right decisions for your future. They are an essential management tool that plays a … Read More

Why do you need audit insurance?

Current as of October 2014 Over the last few years we have seen increase in compliance reviews and audit activities from both federal and state authorities (ATO, NSW Office of State Revenue and Work Cover). Review and audit activities can be very time consuming and expensive and you do not know when you will be selected. Anyone can be targeted, … Read More