Seven years ago I was offered a position at Stanley & Williamson and I haven’t looked back. With assistance from the partners, I have since completed my CA qualification and been promoted to Manager. I could not have achieved these things without the firm’s commitment to their staff. S&W offer a flexible workplace with many social activities to keep morale high. The work is varied and the staff diverse, so there is rarely a dull moment. All in all, it’s a great place to work.
Helen Lansley

I have worked at Stanley & Williamson since 2002. I have found that it has been a great environment to work in and develop my skills as an accountant. I find the firm tries hard to enable staff to have a work/life balance and there is a relaxed feel within the firm as all the partners are approachable. The various social events have been fun and I look forward to other more inventive and enjoyable events to come. It has been great working for Stanley & Williamson and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.
Thanh Vo

I started with Stanley & Williamson in 2008 as a receptionist.  In the 8 years that I worked for the firm my position has varied and grown into a Personal Assistant role.  This has been made possible by the Partners constant interaction with their staff and working on our goals, both personally and professionally.  Each month the firm has a monthly social event ranging from lawn bowls, laser tag to a great race.  All the staff get along well together and that makes for a great place to want to work.  During my time with Stanley & Williamson I have had 2 children and the Partners have been more than flexible with my return to work hours and days allowing me to enjoy a balanced work and home life.  I have enjoyed working with Stanley & Williamson and look forward to continuing my work within this great workplace.
Jodee Hughes

I have been with Stanley & Williamson since 2010 and have enjoyed my experience greatly. I was originally from Port Macquarie and moving to a big city for the first time can be quite daunting but the firm made the transition an easy one. They are very supportive on a work and personal front and the firm provides an opportunity for you to develop not only as an accountant but as a person. The most enjoyable aspect of working with Stanley & Williamson is the trust that the partners have in everyone single staff member. Every accountant is responsible for looking after a number of clients and the partners have faith in everyone’s ability to look after the needs of those clients.
Cameron Grace

When I started at Stanley & Williamson, I was a shy Chinese girl who had no confidence when talking to people. This was mostly because English was my second language. Thanks to the support of the firm, the partners and the staff around me, I have been able to develop my technical skills and gain confidence. I was promoted to manager a few years ago, and now I am confident in meeting with clients, and have helped others with a similar background to me to work in this firm too. I am so happy that I made the right choice when this job was offered to me more than 8 years ago.
Grace Yang


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