We have a systemised structuring review process to help you decide what structure you should have for your business. During this process we consider a range of issues including, asset protection, limitation of liability, income tax minimisation, CGT minimization and succession planning, just to name a few. This review will result in a structuring report, that shows you the structure that best suits your purpose.

Share and business valuations
We can provide you with valuations to meet any of your needs. Whether it’s for the bank, or for a buyout between business partners, we can provide you with guidance as to what your business or company is worth.

Consulting to company boards and attendance of board meetings
We can provide expert business advise to your management team or directors to help ensure that your business stays on track. Feel free to take advantage of our partners experience and business acumen, to help you and your business succeed.

Salary packages/remuneration planning
We can help you and your staff save money by implementing some simple remuneration planning. There are a range of things that can be packaged into your salary (including motor vehicles and technology) to help lower the amount of tax you pay at the end of the year. We are here to help you determine whether these things are applicable for you and your team.

Business succession planning
Developing a business plan for the longevity of your business is extremely important. This should include a section on ‘succession planning’ so that when key figures leave or enter the business there is a pre-determined course of action. Having this certainty now, will mean that you will have more financial certainty later. We can help you develop and implement this plan, to ensure that that your exit from the business is seamless and stress-free.

Family office services
We provide a support service that can manages all of the financial aspects of your life. This service includes looking after all financial decisions and receiving and attending to your mail and investment documentation, so that you can focus on doing what you love doing.

Estate planning
We work closely with our clients and their lawyers to ensure all financial and tax implications are considered when creating your Will. This will help ensure that your beneficiaries get exactly what you intend.


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