7 ways to protect and grow your wealth before the end of financial year

Current as of 29 April 2021 We have found when it comes to money, business owners face some common challenges: They are so focused on their business they forget to ‘throw money over the fence’ for their family. Whilst their business forges ahead their personal wealth gets left for dust. They are often under-insured, under-protected, under-diversified and under-invested in the … Read More

Can my SMSF invest in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Current as of 23 March 2021   Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin just to name a few. The world of encrypted digital currency, commonly known as ‘cryptocurrency’ has been all the rage for quite some time, and most recently being the “in thing” for many SMSFs. So what exactly is cryptocurrency? In a nutshell, it is a virtual currency or online cash. … Read More

SMSF Properties – what can and cannot be done to them?

Current as of February 2017   Borrowing by a self- managed superannuation fund (“SMSF”) to purchase property, whether it be residential or commercial, is not a new investment strategy however care needs to be taken when trustees wish to start to make alterations and improve these properties.  What is the current legislation? Current Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (“LRBAs”) allow for … Read More

NSW Property Surcharge on Discretionary Trusts

Current as of December 2016   If you have a Discretionary Trust (commonly known as Family Trust) and you have residential properties located in NSW within your Trust, then we suggest that you read this article in full. The NSW Government has recently made changes to the definition of “foreign persons” for the purposes of assessing duty and land tax … Read More

What does the budget mean for superannuation?

Current as of May 2016   It has been a fortnight since the 2016 Federal Budget was delivered by the Turnbull government and unlike previous years, there were many proposed changes to superannuation. With such significant superannuation reforms in an election year, there is a lot of water to go under the bridge until they actually become law, however this … Read More

Foreign income in the ATO spotlight – the aftermath of project DO IT

Current as of May 2016   If you’re an Australian resident for tax purposes, you are taxed on your worldwide income, so you must declare any foreign income in your income tax return. Foreign income includes: Foreign pensions and annuities Foreign employment income Foreign investment income Foreign business income Capital gains on overseas assets Project DO IT was an amnesty … Read More

Foreign buyer crackdown

Current as of December 2015 The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has ramped up its efforts to hunt down foreign buyers of Australian real estate, with the employment of 50 compliance officers who will investigate potential breaches of the law by cross checking the records of approximately 11 million people to find illegal owners. The ATO is responsible for overseeing foreign … Read More

Have you registered for land tax?

Current as of December 2015 Depending on where the property is situated, land tax may be applicable to you. Land tax is a state tax levied on the owners of land in all states of Australia except for the Northern Territory. Each state has their own rules, rate of tax and exemption threshold, but for the purpose of this article, … Read More

Insurance cover – should it be held inside or outside of super?

Current as of 18 November 2015   Deciding whether to have your insurance held within super or outside super is not an easy decision so it’s best to be well informed before taking out a new policy or reviewing an existing one. There are 3 types of insurance cover that can be held inside super: Life insurance Total and permanent … Read More