7 ways to protect and grow your wealth before the end of financial year

Current as of 29 April 2021 We have found when it comes to money, business owners face some common challenges: They are so focused on their business they forget to ‘throw money over the fence’ for their family. Whilst their business forges ahead their personal wealth gets left for dust. They are often under-insured, under-protected, under-diversified and under-invested in the … Read More

Client event – investment update 26 Feb 2015

Current as of March 2015 On Thursday 26 February S & W held an investment update in their new boardroom at the Ground Floor at 34 Burton Street. Ten clients of the firm listened intently to the latest updates on the share market and what risks there are going forward and how to mitigate them. Presented by one of our … Read More

International Investments – can your SMSF buy an overseas property?

Current as of October 2014 The short answer is yes, providing the following criteria are met by the SMSF: The SMSF’s trust deed (legal document) must allow for the SMSF to purchase overseas investments. This must also be covered in the SMSF’s investment strategy. The overseas property can meet the sole purpose test at all time during the period of … Read More

What can your SMSF invest in?

Current as of August 2014 As the trustee of the Fund, you have the power to make investment decisions. Investments must be for the ‘sole purpose’ of providing retirement benefits for the members of the Fund. The Fund must also formulate an investment strategy and ensure the investments are in line with the strategy. The rules are there to ensure … Read More