Current as of July 2015   Our business clients are often interested in rewarding their staff with equity in the business. They see it as an opportunity for employees to have skin in the game, with the obvious motivational and staff retention benefits. Unfortunately, the issue of shares or options to employees means the employee often pays tax on the … Read More

What are phantom shares?

Current as of December 2014 Phantom stock is a US phenomenon, that has been adopted and adapted in the UK and is now getting more attention in Australia. It is essentially an Employee Share Scheme (ESS) designed to remunerate key employees at some stage in the future. As the remuneration is deferred, so is the tax. Phantom shares are a … Read More

Our August 2014 newsletter

Current as of August 2014 [vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″] Saving tax on superannuation upon death Binding Death Benefit nominations are necessary to avoid tax on that part of your super which came from tax deductible contributions and income thereon while being accumulated. Click here to find out how to avoid being taxed unnecessarily. What can your SMSF invest in? As the trustee … Read More

Employee Share Schemes – changes are coming

Current as of August 2014 The federal government is planning to change and reduce the tax burden on the current employee share scheme tax laws. This will be a big relief for start-up companies and companies seeking to attract and retain talented employees. Under the current tax law introduced from 1 July 2009, employees can be taxed upfront on acquiring … Read More