Does your business structure still fit?

A couple of vital changes in our tax laws are due to commence from 1 July 2016, and they’ll provide a big opportunity to small businesses to restructure. At the federal level, the new small business restructure roll-over (SBRR) kicks in, allowing small businesses to restructure in a tax neutral way. At the same time in NSW, stamp duty on … Read More

January 2016 Newsletter

TIME TO REVIEW YOUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE For small businesses, there’s never been a better time to review the effectiveness of your business structure. In the last Federal Budget, the government announced new measures to allow small businesses to change their legal structure without incurring a capital gains tax liability. Please click here to find out how these changes might offer ... Read More

Issues to consider when setting up a business overseas

If you are looking to expand your business overseas, be sure to read and take into account the issues raised below, as well as considering the questions asked. What are your plans in relation to the expansion? Do you want to search for more talented people, access more cost-effective human resources, or want to tap into a new/niche market or … Read More

Which structure is best for you? – Unit Trusts

Following on last issue’s article on discretionary trusts we now discuss another type of trust,  that is,  the unit trust. A unit trust (UT) is not a separate legal entity but is recognised separately for tax purposes. In a UT the unitholders have a fixed right to the income or capital of the trust and will receive the same in … Read More

Which structure is best for you? – Partnerships

In our continuing series of reviews on business structures we now turn our attention to the partnership business structure. Partnerships are relationships between partners carrying on a business in common with a view to profit. This is different to a joint venture where the joint venturers share gross income, rather than net profit, and incur their own expenses in deriving … Read More

Which structure is best for you? – Partnership of family trusts

In the last of our series on the different structures available to you we look at a combination of 2 structures we have looked at in previous issues. That is, a partnership of Family Trusts. As you will have noted from the discussion on a partnership structure, one of the main downsides of the structure is the exposure you have … Read More

Our July 2014 newsletter

Australian Government grants & assistance There are a vast number of Government grants available to small businesses to help and encourage them to grow. But how do you find them? Click here to find out. Testamentary trusts - what are they? A "testamentary trust" is a trust created in your will, which only comes into existence upon your death. Your ... Read More

Which structure is best for you? – Discretionary trusts

Family Trusts (aka discretionary trusts) are one of the two types of trusts available (the other being a unit trust which will be covered in a later issue). A family trust is a trust where the beneficiaries do not have any fixed right to the income or capital of the trust. The income and capital are dealt with by the … Read More