Why should I choose Stanley & Williamson over other accountancy practices?

There are plenty of accountants who can do your year-end financial accounts and tax returns, but in our experience, many business owners and managers are looking for much more than this basic level of service.

At Stanley & Williamson, we know we add considerably more value to our clients’ businesses by being proactive, and by helping them plan ahead so that they can structure their financial affairs more effectively.

This helps clients gain a stronger financial position, compared with a year-end service that can only report on what has already taken place, and which may be too late to fix.

By being forward thinking in our approach, we have helped our clients to achieve a range of outcomes which include:

  • Minimising tax liabilities
  • Establishing business structures that protect assets and are tax effective
  • Developing key performance indicators that can track how a business is faring on a regular basis
  • Planning for the transition and sale of a business via succession planning
  • Protecting assets through assistance with estate planning
  • Reducing a company’s exposure by implementing sound risk management principles

We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and their goals, and focus on helping them achieve what they set out to do, rather than concentrating on their past financial history.

We find that our clients come to regard us as an important partner in the strategic development of their business.

What types of clients does Stanley & Williamson work best with?

We find that our approach is best suited to entrepreneurial business owners and managers who are keen to grow and develop their business.

We help work out the financial measures you can put in place to support your ambitions, rather than acting as a handbrake.

What are your fees?

Transparency is very important to us and we set out our fees upfront so you have certainty regarding your commitment.

Our year-end tax compliance work is provided under a set fee agreed to upfront. So are our Tax Planning, Business Healthcheck, Structuring, Management Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

You will have “No Surprises” when it comes to your fees.

Other project work is provided under an upfront estimate so you know what our services will cost you. We then communicate with you regularly during the process to ensure that there is transparency with all fee agreements.

We believe our fees are fair, and the feedback we receive from our clients is that we offer great value for money.

My needs are complex. Are you able to look after all of my requirements?

Stanley & Williamson have a wide range of expertise across a number of disciplines, including accounting and tax, business advisory, finance, estate planning, succession planning, risk management and more.

Our clients appreciate the fact that we can co-ordinate and integrate each aspect of their financial affairs to get the best possible outcome for them.

With our partnership with Kreston International, we are also able to manage all international accounting requirements for clients whose financial interests extend beyond Australia.

We are large enough to attend to every need that your business will have, but small enough to be hands on, timely and accessible.

Will I receive regular contact?

We recognise that every client is different and some may wish to have very regular contact with us, whilst others are happy to hear from us a couple of times a year. We therefore supply the level of service that best suits each client.

We will conduct tax planning during the year, as well as provide year end compliance support.

We also offer a regular newsletter which provides valuable information in easy-to-understand terms.

Every client is allocated a partner who is responsible for them and who oversees all work done by the accounting team that is also assigned to take care of their ongoing needs.

You will have ready access to your partner or a member of the team as often as you wish.

What does being a Chartered Accountant mean?

Stanley & Williamson are Chartered Accountants, which means that the majority of our staff have acquired industry-leading postgraduate training and qualifications in specialist accountancy skills.

Our membership with The Institute of Chartered recognises our firm’s high level of professional standards.

By engaging us as your accountants, you gain access to a team who value continuous learning, and who apply what we know to help your business advance and prosper.

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