Momentum Business Growth
MoMBG-Logomentum Business Growth (MBG) is our business advisory division. Our goal is to provide businesses with real world solutions that are realistic and manageable, no matter the size of your firm or the industry that you operate in. We do this by addressing two key issues that we have identified to be the main cause of frustration for clients.

Firstly we help to identify and support your business in under-resourced areas. For example, you may not have a Management Accountant or Chief Financial Officer, so MBG will work with you to provide the accounting resources your business needs.

Secondly we can assist your business in planning for success, including planning your short and long term business goals. We can also work with you to create an action plan to help you achieve these goals.

A Complete Business Health Check
We have developed a robust system for reviewing all aspects of your business and personal financial affairs. Our system (or health check) helps us to determine what needs to be done for your business and in what priority. The result is a detailed analysis that can act as a blueprint for planning your business.

Our health check looks at:

  • Structuring
  • Succession planning
  • Financial accounting for the business
  • Entity governance
  • Agreements needed in the business
  • Audit responsibilities
  • Business planning
  • Tax planning
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement
  • Insurances
  • Estate planning
  • Financing

We provide your analysis in a simple and easy to understand format that will make it easy to implement our recommended changes.



All businesses should have a business plan. If you don’t have one, we can help you develop one. We will make sure that you consider everything that you need to, so that your business has every chance of succeeding.


We can help you develop a budget for up-coming periods. We can also help you manage forecasting and cash flow in keeping with your budget.

The software we use allows us to print Balance Sheets for your forecasts, so you know exactly what state your business is in at any point in the future.


Our powerful financial analytics software allows you to carry out ‘What-if’ analysis to determine what the effect will be of changes such as:

  • Raising prices
  • Increasing the average sale value
  • Increasing the number of sales
  • Adding a staff member

You can then make an informed decision on what to do, knowing what the result will be.


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