10 Years at S & W

Current as August 2020

At S & W we have a very loyal, long standing team that are a major reason for the success and longevity of the firm.

Recently one of our long standing staff members, Rachel Mondragon, achieved a great milestone in reaching 10 years with the firm. With all our staff we try to ensure they know how much we appreciate them, and achieving 10 years with us is an event well worth celebrating.

On Rachel’s 10 year milestone, we had a staff function to celebrate and we presented her with her 10 year certificate. It now takes pride of place in our meeting room in what we call the S & W Hall of Fame, alongside all the other current staff members who have achieved 10 years with us.

The current team members who have achieved more than 10 years with us are

–          Thanh Vo

–          Grace Yang

–          Jodee Hughes

–          Helen Lansley

–          Cameron Grace

–          Rachel Mondragon

Thank you to all of our team members. You are the heart and soul of our firm.

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